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This may be near home or along your commute route.

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Deliveries of online shopping
purchases add to traffic congestion
and air pollution in London.

Choose to ‘click & collect’ when shopping
online to help reduce the number of vans on
our streets and clean our air. It’s convenient,
easy and often free.

  • From the dry cleaners or corner shop near your home to the train station on your commute, there are parcel collection points all over London.
  • Simply choose a local collection point when shopping online or use the collection point's address as your own.
  • Many options are free, and we have negotiated fantastic deals for some of the paid-for services.


  • Redirecting your deliveries will help reduce the toxic air pollution linked to the deaths of 9,400 Londoners a year.
  • Collection points consolidate deliveries, reducing the number of stops a courier has to make, and reducing traffic on our streets.
    Relieves congestion
  • Unlike at-home deliveries, there's always someone at your chosen collect point meaning no failed delivery attempts or repeat trips.
    Fewer failed deliveries

By redirecting personal deliveries
from central London workplaces
you’ll be helping reduce traffic
congestion and improve air quality,
making central London a nicer, safer
and healthier place for all.

The options

  • 1
    Click & collect in store

    Choose ‘click & collect’ as the delivery option when ordering online from major high street retailers.


    Collect from your chosen branch.


    Usually free.

  • 2
    Click & collect near home

    Choose a local collect point as the delivery option when ordering online from participating retailers.


    Receive an alert when your parcel arrives and collect from your chosen collect point.


    Free, or a small charge depending on the amount spent, delivery speed or collection location.

    Options shown at checkout include:

  • 3
    Personal Parcel ID and delivery address

    Sign up for a parcel management ID and choose a convenient collection point from hundreds available.


    Provide your ID and the address of your favourite collection point to any retailer (or friend or family member) sending you
    a parcel.


    Receive an alert and collect from your chosen collection point.


    Less than £2 per delivery or unlimited deliveries from £5 a month.

    Providers include:

Try it today

Found a convenient collection point? See how the service works and what deals are on offer.

  • Amazon Hub

    Works with:

    Many items sold on Amazon

    How it works…

    1. Amazon Hub is the umbrella brand for Locker (self-service kiosks) and Counter (retail locations offering click and collect services). Find a convenient location and add it to your Amazon Address Book
    2. Shop as usual and select the saved locker or counter as your delivery address or search for one when prompted at checkout
    3. Once your parcel has arrived at your locker or counter you’ll receive a unique pickup code by email
    4. Scan your unique pickup code into your Locker within 3 days to collect your parcel or present it to the store assistant at your Counter location within 2 weeks.



    Standard delivery is free if your order includes at least £10 of books or £20 or more of any other product. Next day delivery is free for Amazon Prime members and £2.99 for non-members.

    TRY IT

    Have an Amazon Account? Add an Amazon Hub location to your Address Book.

    Find more about Amazon Hub here.

  • CollectPlus

    Now Collect+ delivered by Yodel

    How it works…

    1. At the checkout, select CollectPlus and the store you’d like to collect your parcel from
    2. Yodel will send you a collection barcode when your item has arrived and is ready to collect.
    3. Take the code and your ID to the Yodel serviced Collect+ point and collect your parcel.



    Usually free, or a small charge depending on amount spent or delivery speed.

    TRY IT

    Choose CollectPlus as the delivery option when shopping with one of over 90 major online retailers.

  • EVRi

    How it works…

    1. Send or receive packages to your preferred Evri collection point or Locker.
    2. If you opt for a Locker, Evri will send you a code to enter at the Locker, which will unlock the door to your parcel. You can collect it at any time over the next 3 days.
    3. Some retailers will allow you to divert a parcel to a Locker on your courier’s route.
    4. You can also return purchases to participating retailers. Visit Evri to search for participating retailers.

    Send packages from £2.69 (standard delivery) and £3.29 (next day delivery)

    TRY IT

    Find your nearest Evri locker here.

  • InPost 24/7 Lockers

    Works with…..

    Well-known retailers or a person sending you a parcel.

    How it works…

    1. Shop as usual, then at the checkout choose InPost as the delivery method. You’ll then be able to choose from nearly 1,200 lockers located at safe and secure locations, including supermarkets, petrol forecourts and train stations
    2. InPost will send you a unique pin via email and text message once your item has arrived and is ready to collect from your chosen locker
    3. Enter your unique pin number into the locker or scan the barcode and collect in under 7 seconds. Collect whenever you like – our lockers are accessible 24 hours a day!

    Free with a minimum spend or a small charge.

    TRY IT

    Choose InPost as the delivery option when shopping with one of our online retail partners.

    Find your nearest InPost locker here

  • Parcelly

    Works with…

    Any retailer or person sending you a parcel.

    How it works…

    1. Select Parcelly as the delivery address when listed as a Click&Collect option at one of our many online retail partners (find out more at
    2. If Parcelly is not listed as a Click&Collect option at the checkout, simply enter your unique Parcelly ID and Parcelly delivery address into the shipping address fields. Download the Parcelly app and receive your Parcelly ID today.
    3. Receive email, text and push alerts when your parcel arrives. Collect at your convenience within 7 or 14 days.



    £1.99 per parcel or £7.99/month for unlimited parcels. With online partner retailers, you collect for free.

    5% of your payment will be donated to help reduce your carbon footprint.


    Use the code CLEANAIR to receive your first 3 parcels for FREE, or choose our VIP Subscription and collect unlimited parcels with a 1 month FREE trial.

    TRY IT

    Download the Parcelly App to receive a Parcelly ID and start your free trial.

    Web app

Find out more

Find out what else central London businesses are doing to improve air quality and how else you can make a difference.

Our partners

  • Mayor of London

    Improving air quality is one of the Mayor’s top priorities. Mayoral-led work programmes include introducing the world’s first Ultra Low Emission Zone, investing in improving the TfL bus fleet and supporting borough-led projects through the £20 million Mayor’s Air Quality Fund.

    Find out more at

  • Cross River Partnership

    Cross River Partnership (CRP) is a public-private partnership which has been delivering regeneration projects across central London since 1994. CRP’s Clean Air Better Business programme works with boroughs and Business Improvement Districts to improve air quality. A particular focus is given to supporting businesses to reduce emissions from their operations.

    Find out more at

  • Business Improvement Districts

    Eighteen central London business improvement districts (BIDs) have come together with CRP to deliver air quality improvements through the Clean Air Better Business programme.

    These eighteen BIDs are amongst the most active in improving air quality and making their high streets nicer, healthier and safer places to visit, work and do business. 

    Their activities include: supporting businesses to reduce emissions from their operations while achieving efficiencies; making walking and cycling more attractive travel choices; and, encouraging individuals in their areas to consider alternatives to having online shopping delivered to their workplaces.

  • Central London Boroughs

    Camden has a thriving programme of work to help improve air quality and reduce people’s exposure to poor air quality, this includes innovative projects with schools and nurseries as well as signing up London’s first 25 business Cleaner Air Champions. Find out more at

    The City of London’s Air Quality Strategy includes enabling local businesses to reduce emissions, addressing vehicle idling, increasing public awareness of air quality issues and working with external organisations to improve air quality, among other actions. Find out more at

    Hammersmith & Fulham Council has established a resident-led Air Quality Commission to look into the problem of poor air quality. The commission engaged with external experts and local residents in examining the causes and dangers of local air pollution and has proposed potential solutions to help reduce it. Find out more at

    The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea is working to improve air quality across the borough through engaging businesses and schools, encouraging walking and cycling and in reducing emissions from its own fleet and energy use. Find out more at

    To improve air quality, Westminster City Council has its own ‘Air Quality Action Plan’ and has undertaken measures such as encouraging the use of electric vehicles with recharging points and reduced parking charges, developing a ‘Westminster Code of Construction Practise’ and is currently working with public and private sector partners to develop a Low Emission Neighbourhood in Marylebone. Find out more at

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